Tekken 7

Esports will help Tekken 7 build upon its competitive history

Katsuhiro Harada talked about esports' impact on the upcoming release.

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In a recent interview Tekken 7's Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray discussed the upcoming game and how the series is adapting with each instalment, and in the interview he discussed the game's relationship with esports too.

When asked whether esports was a big influence, he offered a balanced response. "Before there was esports, there were always tournaments and these kind of fighting games, especially Tekken. And since the game itself was developed with arcade in mind — even from the early days of arcade, there was a switch that only the operators could access — you could turn on an event mode that would make it more suitable to tournaments. So that kind of influence has always been there before esports boom. But esports has enabled the visibility of online personalities, and the console version allows for the tournaments and practice, and for users to be able to set up their own qualifiers, I guess you would say, over great distances."

The fast networks also help with esports, too, as "people will stream that," Murray added. "And, they can have matches and all kinds of things. And that fans the excitement of the esports as well. The Event mode was designed in the arcade and console to make it easier for people to create tournaments, etc. It hasn't made it easier to run it on our side, but it's easier for the player to enjoy."

Tekken 7, then, doesn't seem dramatically altered by esports, but instead merged its own competitive history with this emerging field. Will Tekken 7 be a good game for player's to watch?

Tekken 7

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