Project CARS 2

Esports is in Project Cars 2 "from the ground-up"

We spoke to game director Stephen Viljoen before Gamescom.

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Project Cars 2 is coming this month, but we recently asked game director Stephen Viljoen about a whole load of topics (the full article can be found here), including esports, with Viljoen telling us that there's a lot to look forward to in this department.

"Project Cars was a big hit with the ever-competitive sim-racing community. Our focus for Project Cars 2 then was to get the esports component into the game from the ground-up, and that has resulted in a few new additions to the game that will make Project Cars an even stronger player in the esports arena. Top of that list of new additions is the new Competitive Racing License, and new Broadcast and Director Modes."

"The Competitive Racing License comes to Project Cars 2 to enhance two main areas; online racing, and matchmaking."

"To promote more orderly and clean racing, online players can choose to enable the Online Reputation License, which grades drivers based on their driving across online races. Poor driving and racing etiquette will give a player a lower safety ranking, or a deduction in their safety ranking, whereas professional, clean driving standards and race craft will give the driver a higher or improved safety ranking."

"The other part of the Competitive Racing License will also serve to highlight drivers' skill levels, and that will give prospective esport team-owners a chance to recruit the best talent into their teams for their esport programs."

"Live-stream functionality is now an essential part of esports. With this in mind, Project Cars 2 features both a Director and Broadcast Mode, built-in, that affords players powerful tools to live-stream their races along with advanced solutions for shoutcasting duties."

Could these measures ensure that Project Cars 2 is in first place when it comes to racing esports?

Project CARS 2

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