The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO's Rich Lambert explains a little more about ESO Plus

The new subscription is coming in Q4 this year.

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Back at QuakeCon this past week we heard about a new subscription for The Elder Scrolls Online called ESO Plus, and when we talked with creative director Rich Lambert after the keynote, we asked for a few more details, and while there aren't that many right now, he did tell us some of the benefits players can get.

"So with ESO Plus what we're doing in quarter four is we're going to add in monthly rewards that you can go and you can claim, but then also we're increasing the number of Crowns you get per month as well. So the goal is to really reinforce that ESO Plus, you know, we really appreciate that and it's a benefit for the players as well," he said.

Does this sound appealing?

The Elder Scrolls Online

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