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      The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

      ESO: Greymoor delayed slightly due to COVID-19

      Game director Matt Firor shares a message with players to explain the slight delay for Update 26 and Greymoor.

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      Do you remember a while ago we wrote a preview about Greymoor, the upcoming expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online? We look forward to playing it again when it rolls out officially, but it seems like we are going to have to wait a tiny bit longer.

      That's because game director Matt Firor published a post on the official website yesterday and delivered some news that fans probably wouldn't be happy to hear, he stated that, "it looks like we'll be able to ship Update 26 (with the Greymoor Chapter) about a week after we initially planned it." The original plan was to launch on May 18.

      The reason why the update has been pushed back a bit is that the developers have all been working from home since March 16 in response to the current pandemic, aka COVID-19, which is totally understandable.

      However, Update 26 and Greymoor are still going to hit the PTS (Public Test Server) on April 20, if everything goes as planned. It is also worth noting that, since the whole of France is on lockdown, the studio hasn't been able to work with actors and this means that when the update launches, French-speaking players will only have text and subtitles in French, but no voice-over.

      In conclusion, Firor wrote: "Our player population is larger than normal right now as many of you are stuck at home, and video games like ESO are a wonderful distraction from a daily life that is not always awesome. We've had some really fun ESO events this month, including our ongoing Anniversary Jubilee, so we will all be watching for any issues caused by an already large population playing ESO getting even larger.

      "These are trying times for us all us, and we are doing everything we can to stay on track. Please stay safe and healthy and enjoy getting away from your daily life for a bit by adventuring in ESO-and wash your damn hands."

      You heard him - wash your damn hands, and let's wait for Greymoor when it lands in June

      The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

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