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ESL UK announces Battle of the Brands charity event

Including FIFA 18, Rocket League, and Halo 5.

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ESL UK has announced that they are hosting a Christmas charity derby called Battle of the Brands, in partnership with four UK tech specialists, which will see an esports competition take place on December 10, with money raised going to gaming charity SpecialEffect.

The competition will see staff from PC Specialist, Overclockers UK, SCAN, and Ebuyer go head to head in FIFA, Halo 5, and Rocket League, gaining points as they do so. There will also be a livestream on Twitch as well, so fans can get involved, as well as celebrate the work of SpecialEffect.

The initial target for donations stands at £10,000, with each retailer and sponsor adding a maximum of £500 to the cause. Those looking to help with the drive can donate via the JustGiving page, where over £6,500 has already been raised.

"SpecialEffect is close to the hearts of many of us in the games industry," said James Dean, managing director at ESL UK. "I'd like to thank our partners at Ebuyer, PC Specialist, SCAN and Overclockers UK for being such good sports and joining us to raise money for this very worthy cause."

The competition will start at 12:00 GMT on December 10, and you'll be able to watch it here. Does this sound like a fun tournament?

Rocket League
Photo: ESL UK

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