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Dota 2

ESL responds to criticism over streaming of ESL One Genting

Takedown notices were issued to certain Twitch streamers sharing the stream.

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We reported not too long ago that esports organisation ESL had signed a partnership with Facebook meaning that all ESL One and CS:GO Pro League competitions would be streamed via Facebook, and as reported by Dot Esports, it's not gone too well so far, as the Facebook stream for Dota 2's ESL One tournament in Genting has been hit with technical issues, and wasn't particularly easy to view on mobile.

These problems led to some streamers taking the stream from DotaTV (the in-game option to watch esports competitions) and broadcasting it on Twitch for fans to watch there instead, which in turn led to ESL issuing notices to take these streams down. Now ESL tournament director Jonas 'bsl' Vikan has gone to Reddit to talk about the situation as a whole, clarifying as to who exactly received takedown notices and why.

"Here are some points that should address most questions:

1) Streamers sitting at home without sponsorships or advertising are completely fine to stream and comment on the games from Genting.

2) Streams that get revenue from community donations or subscriptions will not get taken down.

3) When we said "unmonetized streams" we mean streams that do not play ads of their own sponsors as part of their content. This is to ensure that companies that are not sponsors of ESL One Genting are not directly associated with the tournament here."

While that doesn't exactly address dissatisfaction with Facebook as a platform, it's definitely good to get clarity on what's going on in regards to other streamers, and is especially useful to clear up the tweet that reads: "ESLOne Genting update & clarification: there will be no actions or takedowns from ESL for unmonetized/non-commercial ESL One Genting streams."

What do you think of ESL One Genting's streaming so far?

Dota 2
Photo: ESL

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