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ESL Premiership spring season finalists revealed

MnM Gaming will be in the finals of both the CS:GO and League of Legends seasons.

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All the finalists have been revealed for the ESL UK Premiership Spring season as the eight best teams in League of Legends and CS:GO have battled it out over seven weeks.

After a fiercely competitive Counter Strike season it was down to the final game of the season to decide which two teams out of MnM Gaming (formerly Fish123), FM ESPORTS and xL eSports would battle in the finals for the £4,500 prize pot. Ultimately, it was FM ESPORTS and MnM Gaming who'll be going head-to-head in Leicester on March 18th.

On the League of Legends front, MnM Gaming found more success as they'll face Team XENEX in the finals. The prize pot here is once again £4,500.

Joe Fenny, ESL UK Talent Manager, stated "The aim of the ESL UK Premiership has always been to foster homegrown talent and help teams reach their full potential in order to progress to the world stage. This year we've seen a higher standard than ever before, and all competitors should be incredibly proud. We look forward to a truly unforgettable final featuring four excellent teams!"

The finals are being held at Leicester in the ESL Studios, ESL has partnered with Microsoft for the event to make a free-to-play area of some of the latest Xbox One titles.

League of Legends

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