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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ESL has announced a $20 million deal that adds 3 more teams to the Louvre Agreement

Big, Furia, and Heroic are the latest partner teams to commit to the ESL Pro League.

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The ESL has revealed that it has added three more teams to its historic Louvre Agreement that sees organisations commit to the ESL Pro League. The agreement was created so that partner teams become equal stakeholders in the ESL Pro League and therefore get a share of its revenues and also have a chance to shape its future and plans.

The three new organisations that have joined the agreement are BIG Clan, Furia, and Heroic, each of whom paid almost a total of $20 million to become a partner team, as the announcement blog states.

"These teams and their investors have recognised the value of what we are building with the ESL Pro League project," said ESL Pro League commissioner Alex Inglot. "The fact that they have put down such significant bids shows they see real stable governance and growing value, that puts us on a par with other top-tier investment opportunities in esports or sports. We are in no doubt that each of these three teams will meaningfully contribute to our momentum, in the spirit of collaboration, global growth and strategic creativity."

The deal has seen Furia and BIG join the partner programme and its current 12 partner teams immediately, whereas Heroic will be joining in the second half of 2022, due to an ongoing ESIC investigation.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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