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Halo Infinite

ESL Gaming and 343 Industries are partnering over the Halo Championship Series

The pair will be bringing the HCS to North America, Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

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ESL Gaming has partnered with 343 Industries to better support and grow the Halo Championship Series. The tournament organiser will be working with the Halo Infinite developer to bring the competitive scene to Europe and North America through the DreamHack brand, to Australia and New Zealand through ESL Australia, and to Mexico via other gaming partners.

Revealed in an announcement blog post, the roadmap for the event was also revealed, showing exactly what 343 Industries has planned down the line for the competitive scene. The first event will be the previously announced Kickoff Major in Raleigh, North Carolina, but this will be followed by events in Anaheim, California, around Europe and in the ANZ region, which will all run up until the Halo World Championship for 2022 in October. Take a look at the full roadmap below.

"ESL Gaming deeply believes in the Halo community and we will, together with 343 Industries, invest in funding the holistic support of these regions so the local scene can grow and flourish over time," said Mike Van Driel, SVP game management at ESL Gaming, in a press release. "This is a tremendous partnership and we are super excited to bring this experience to these communities, competitors and fans."

As for the prize pool of this year of Halo Infinite esports, it will start at $3 million and can be increased through crowdfunding. The Halo World Championship is expected to take $1 million of this though.

Halo Infinite

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