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ESL FACEIT Group and Qiddiya City sign five-year deal to align the city as the esports hotspot

It will bring various major events to the city in the future.

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We've known for a while that the Saudi Arabian government has been pushing to align and set the city of Qiddiya up as a future hub for esports and gaming entertainment. This is coming in the form of an entire Gaming & Esports District that is being constructed, which will eventually be the host venue of the Esports World Cup. To ensure that the District is well supplied with events, it has now been revealed that the ESL FACEIT Group has signed a five-year deal with Qiddiya City to bring top-tier and amateur events to the city down the line.

This is said to include not just ESL Counter-Strike Pro Tour, but ESL Challenger, ESL Impact, ESL Dota 2 Pro Tour, DreamHack festivals and more, all during the five-years that the deal spans.

"Qiddiya is a city built for and inspired by the global esports and gaming community in one of the industry's fastest-growing markets," said Craig Levine, co-CEO of the ESL FACEIT Group. "As a pioneering global destination for gaming and esports, Qiddiya City will grow and develop in collaboration with the community, an important cornerstone for a more sustainable future. We're confident and honored that EFG's decades of experience will create value for the city's scalable, fan-first vision."

There was no mention of any financials relating to the deal, but it is said that there will be in-game missions, immersive experiences, stage takeovers, and more lined up as part of it too.

Counter-Strike 2

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