Rainbow Six: Siege

ESL bans beGenius from Rainbow Six Pro League

Shaiiko was found to be using macros in a match.

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ESL has announced that Stéphane 'Shaiiko' Lebleu of the Rainbow Six Pro League team beGenius has been found guilty of using a macro in a match against Penta Sports in the league, which occurred on September 28.

A protest was made after that match that accused beGenius of using macros as well as VPN, manipulating ping, and using Team Viewer, ESL added, but the investigations on the other three accusations were inconclusive.

However, it was ESL's anticheat software MOSS that found evidence of the macro. "Our anticheat software MOSS found evidence that across the match duration (over 2 hours), the player pressed the sequence '4 4 4' 47 times, and '4 4 4 4 4' 24 times, with around 120 milliseconds delay between each time the key '4' was pressed down. The deviation from these 120 ms was 4 to 8 ms."

"By itself, pressing a key at this speed is not inhuman, however pressing a key sequence this many times with such small deviations is impossible," ESL wrote.

After this discovery, ESL talked to beGenius, but they denied the accusation made against them. Now they face several penalties, including a ban on Shaiiko from any ESL competition for two years and the team as a whole being disqualified from the Pro League, with all results voided and prize money forfeited.

Since Penta won the match against beGenius, this result won't change. Do you think these punishments are fair?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL

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