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Escapist withdraws teaser with Riot employee responding to sexism allegations

Senior editor of Riot comics Ellie Pyle was seen uncomfortable with the topic at hand, and after outcry host Victor Lucas has responded.

Over the last year League of Legends developer Riot Games has been under heavy scrutiny after several reports have emerged of sexism in the workplace, the biggest one coming back in August claiming there was a "bro culture" based on evidence and examples given by 28 current and former employees.

In September Riot hired a diversity and culture advisor to help with some of these issues, and in December Kotaku reported that COO Scott Gelb had been suspended without pay followed allegations of inappropriate conduct in the workplace.

Now, however, the issue has come to light once again, as Escapist Magazine revealed they're preparing to air a new Recon series in which host Victor Lucas asks senior editor of Riot comics Ellie Pyle about the allegations of sexism at Riot Games, which would be the first on-camera response to the claims. Escapist even provided a teaser in which Pyle says: "I don't want to be the first person out there with soundbites about this".

This teaser has since been removed (although you can watch it via an archived page), however, following backlash on social media. This was centered around Pyle's nervousness on camera with the topic at hand and hesitancy to answer questions, along with the fact she was seemingly caught off-guard with the questions, as pointed out by users on Twitter.

The series is due to air on February 12, but Lucas has released a statement on the Escapist website since the outcry, apologising if Pyle and anyone else at Riot was hurt with this teaser, and that this wasn't the intention. He also claims that the clip provided a "remarkable unfiltered look at how painful something like Riot's abuse scandal is".

"Recon is not a "gotcha" show. It's a show about people with extraordinary passion working hard in interesting places to make art. It's a celebration of the human desire to entertain through games, and the effort that entails," he adds. "Riot was a unique stop for us in our first season. We knew that in addition to the cool work being done within the interesting and creative space, there was something dark that we had to discuss. It's a small part of the conversation we had at Riot, but it was a powerful part."

Lucas adds that the first episode is still going to be launched, and that the clip in question is the most uncomfortable part of all the hours they filmed. For now then we'll have to wait until the full show airs to see whether these concerns abate, like those worried that Pyle's career will be impacted by the interview.

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