Escape Academy

Escape Academy has been played by over one million players

And that's in only four months since launch.

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Ever since it debuted a few months ago, it seems like Coin Crew Games, Escape Academy has gone down rather well with fans. And this is because a new press release has stated that the game has already been played by one million players.

This number has been achieved in the four months since its debut, and will likely continue to grow, as the game is getting plenty of post-launch support. This will all start with the Escape from Anti-Escape Island DLC that arrives on November 10, and will continue with a free "major content update" in early 2023, all before the second DLC pack in spring 2023.

If you haven't already played the game, you can do so on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and even as part of your Game Pass subscription. Be sure to read our review of Escape Academy here.

Escape Academy

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