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ESC Ever becomes BBQ Olivers after new partnership

The announcement wasn't your standard one.

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Korean League team ESC Ever has announced their partnership with fast food corporation Genesis BBQ Chicken, meaning that they are now known as BBQ Olivers and have a new logo.

The press release, as translated by Liquid Legends, was a bit unorthodox to say the least, especially since the official sponsorship signing was at a BBQ Premium Cafe.

CEO Yoon Hong Geun, from the Genesis BBQ group, commented: "BBQ has started its sponsorship of esports as the first dining brand to show interest in the industry, and we've begun our sponsorship with a team named 'BBQ Olivers,' which contains BBQ's identity as the first in the world to use olive oil as its frying oil."

Regarding the logo, a chicken wearing a helmet, this was said to represent "the strength, will, and courage of the rooster."

Chairman Jeon Byung Heon of KeSPA said: "First, on behalf of the fans and those working in esports, I want to thank CEO Yoon Hong Geun and everyone at BBQ for eagerly deciding to go forth with this sponsorship. Through support from BBQ—who lead Korea's healthy dining culture—I am certain that Korean esports and BBQ will grow together. Going forward, the association will not grow lazy in its efforts to create an healthy esports ecosystem and an esports culture everyone can enjoy."

What do you make of this deal?

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Photo: BBQ ESC

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