The Elder Scrolls: Legends

ES: Legends bringing "predictability" and "transparency"

This all has to do with the new client that they're introducing.

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QuakeCon 2018 wasn't just about Doom: Eternal and Rage 2, even if these did catch the headlines, but there was news regarding The Elder Scrolls: Legends too, including a new client, which is something we asked Bethesda's Pete Hines about when we sat down with him at the event.

"For us a new slimmer client means a number of things," he told us. "Number one it means, there's a lot of people go to download a game, they see it on the Apple Store or Google Store and go to download it and get a message that they have to be on WiFi and say 'oh I'll do it later' and then they never do."

"But it also means for our existing players, the way that we're architecting things, we're hoping we can dramatically shorten the amount of downtime when we're doing an update, that those can happen a lot more quickly, that we're able to do things without even having to bring the game down, because we can do them on the backend."

"So there's a lot of things we want to be able to do to reduce friction for players, to have the game available more often, and sort of less work to keep your game up to date or to get it onto your phone."

We also asked about how new content will work on this new client, to which Hines said:

"Right, so we need to get the new client out first before we start putting out additional content. The first content that we're going to do post-client is Isle of Madness, we announced that here at QuakeCon, so it's going to be themed around Sheogorath. Isle of Madness is the name of his realm, and we'll talk more about what kind of set that's going to be and how many cards, more specifics as we go forward."

"But that can kind of be the kick-off for us to start to hit this much more regular cadence of every few months. That's a big thing for us, with this client, is to try and get to more transparency and better predictability for our players to know when we want to iterate on stuff, when we want to react to their feedback, we can do that much more quickly, and that we can be much more predictable in terms of when are things coming? How often are we putting them out? Things that change the meta or give the players new cards to play with; we want to be more predictable and maybe more reliable than we have been so far."

Do you think that the new client can bolster Elder Scrolls: Legends?

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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