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Ergonomics take centre stage with LG's DualUp monitor

The double-the-size display is mounted to a user-friendly clamp that allows for a variety of positioning.

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If there's one area that the monitor space doesn't seem to have quite cracked yet it's the bulky and generally large stands that displays are mounted to, which can be a nuisance for those with small or crammed desks. A way to counter this is to mount a display on a wall and eliminate the necessity for a stand altogether, but that isn't always doable. Fortunately LG has a solution.

The DualUp monitor is a double-the-size display system that sees a massive screen mounted to a C-Clamp that allows for various positions and angles of view. The device doesn't take up too much space on a desktop, yet still gives you a 2560x2880 quality display, which operates in an unusual and unique 16:18 aspect ratio.

It does seem to be quite a niche system, so to see whether it is something that will suit your setup, be sure to check out the latest Quick Look, to see Magnus' thoughts on the LG DualUp.


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