Epic.LAN partners with Intel for 2021

The British tournament organiser is partnering with the technology manufacturer.

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Tournament organiser epic.LAN has announced a new partnership with technology manufacturer Intel for the duration of 2021. The partnership is set to "specifically focus on community gaming and amateur esports," and will see the pair continue to deliver online events while in-person tournaments are still very much impossible in the UK.

"Intel is one of the biggest names in gaming and has been a long-standing supporter of all levels of esports worldwide," said Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director. "As epic.LAN events become powered by Intel in 2021, the partnership will unlock many new benefits for our viewers and participants; it will allow us to make some much-needed technological advancements to position epic.LAN as the go-to event for amateur gaming fans while still maintaining the important community feel to our events."

The partnership is also set to emphasise the positive social benefits of gaming, whilst also still offering casual gamers the opportunity to compete in events such as the Intel Community Championship, and professional esports players the chance to play in Intel's headline event.

"We're proud to power epic.LAN throughout 2021 with Intel technologies and look forward to working with the team on some great tournaments and community events in the coming year," said Mark Walton, EMEA Technology and Gaming Comms Manager.

The next epic.LAN event will take place shortly, between February 25-28, and will see competitions in Rainbow Six: Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft II, and Valorant.

Epic.LAN partners with Intel for 2021

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