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Dota 2

Epicenter reveals details on Major Open Qualifiers for Dota 2

The main event will take place in June, but you can sign up right now for next month's open qualifiers, which will decide who competes.

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Event organiser Epicenter has announced details of the Epicenter Major Open Qualifiers for Dota 2, revealing that they'll be held on May 11 and 12, with the strongest teams from each region then progressing to closed qualifiers, which will subsequently decide who plays at the main event between June 22 and 30 in Moscow, Russia.

Faceit will be hosting all of these qualifiers, and you can find links to signups for the South America, North America, CIS, Europe, and Southeastern Asia qualifiers here. Closed qualifiers will then follow on May 15 to 19, deciding the 16 teams to participate in the final stage, with 12 coming from the open and closed qualifiers, three coming from spots decided by Valve, and one going to the champion of the previous Minor.

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Dota 2
Photo: Epicenter

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