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Epic will address integrity of Fortnite esports with blog post

This post will come this week after Team Kaliber's player Johnathan Kosmala was found to be cheating during World Cup qualifiers.

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After Team Kaliber were forced to drop their Fortnite player Johnathan Kosmala when it was found he had been cheating during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers - something spotted by the maker of the cheat CBV - Epic has since addressed the integrity of Fortnite, and plans to update the community soon.

"The integrity of Fortnite competition is important to us," an Epic Games spokesperson told Polygon. "We actively monitor all official competitions across a wide range of metrics and all winners are subjected to additional monitoring for various forms of cheating, with thorough investigations taking place for any World Cup Qualifying players. We'll be releasing a game integrity blog later this week detailing our ongoing and future efforts."

Right now we'll just have to wait for this blog post, but this is just the latest in a series of criticisms Epic has received regarding Fortnite esports, with pros also being frustrated with the addition of items via updates during tournaments.

What does Epic need to do differently?


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