Epic wants Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to launch games for Epic Games Store

Epic reportedly offered Sony $200 million to get 4-6 first-party titles.

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As you probably have heard recently, there' a huge legal battle between Epic and Apple going on in the US courts, which has led to information about business practices, emails and other things being leaked. This has given us a rare glimpse in how the video game companies actually operate in a way we rarely get to see. A prime example of this is a leaked Epic document from September last year labeled 'Weekly Store Strategy Meeting Agenda.'

Thanks to this, we know that Epic is currently working hard on getting games from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to be released for Epic Games Store. While they have a couple of issues with Microsoft joining them, and Nintendo being viewed as a "Moonshot" - they have actually offered Sony $200 million for 4-6 first-party titles, which we assume would be time exclusives. We don't know what Sony has replied as it is marked "Awaiting feedback", but considering how Sony recently has invested $450 million in Epic, we wouldn't rule out the possibility that this might end up happening.

Here's what the document says:

Individual Tactics
(Content) Sony 1P titles
• Offer extended at $200M MG+ for 4-6 titles
• Awaiting feedback

(Content) MS 1P titles
• Opening conversations
• Internal feedback from MS:
- Their PC Game Pass leader is against what we're doing
- They are effectively bidding against us for content
- Phil is meeting with Gabe @ Valve occasionally

(Content) Nintendo 1P titles
• Not started; is a "Moonshot" unto itself
• Corporate history says this is a non-starter

Epic wants Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to launch games for Epic Games Store

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