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Epic sues former employee for leaking the meteor event

The beta tester has been accused of breaking a contract.

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Fortnite - and in fact the whole battle royale genre - is no stranger to lawsuits, and now a new report has emerged claiming they are suing a former beta tester (who also used to be an employee) for breaching a non-disclosure agreement and telling their friend about the meteor even in the game that happened earlier this year, which eventually found its way to Reddit.

Epic blames this beta tester for the leak, and is suing them for breaking a contract and misappropriating company secrets, according to the suit itself. The tester says they knew they broke the agreement, but that the leak itself was a mix of confirmed information and another person's input and guesses.

It's a big sticky mess, but this isn't the first time Epic has launched legal action, as they filed a lawsuit against a 14-year-old earlier this year for cheating in the game, and have even been on the receiving end of a lawsuit launched by PUBG as well.

Did you spot the leak when it first came out?


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