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Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey-team halved?

Junction Point sees layoffs, but how big?

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It seems as if Junction Point, developers of Epic Mickey and the workplace of industry veteran Warren Spector, have been hit by layoffs. Various tweets from people working at nearby studios indicate this, together with "insiders" telling CNBC that "the number could be nearly half of the 700-person division." A statement from Disney Interactive, Junction Point's parent company, released to news outlets like Austin 360 says that the layoffs "were fairly minimal and it is pat of a larger restructuring at Disney Interactive Studios, which is part of Disney Interactive Media Group."

The reports come right after Disney closed down Propaganda Games (Tron: Evolution). Epic Mickey saw rather bland criticism when it was released, and while it failed to make much of a dent in the UK charts still managed to sell over 1,3 million in the US.

We will of course keep you updated if anything official is heard from either Disney or Junction Point. (Thanks Gamasutra for the update.)

Update: There seem to have been a lot of confusion about the number of people that had to leave Junction Point today, including how many staffers the company actually had before they layoffs. Several news outlets, including us above, reported that Junction Point had 700 staffers and that half of them have had to go (probably because of a misunderstanding of the numbers quoted by CNBC). It seems, at least according to reports to Variety, that we're dealing with layoffs from Disney Interactive in general - a division that originally had 700 employed. If half of those are gone, a part of that 350 people would had come from Junction Point.

Epic Mickey

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