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Epic is seemingly testing Fortnite player interest in Resident Evil characters

And yes, Lady Dimitrescu was mentioned.

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Fortnite has really become a melting pot of pop culture these past few months, with the recent season themed around hunters from other games bringing us a whirlwind of collaborations. It doesn't seem like Epic Games plans to slow down on this either, as a bunch of Fortnite players have noticed that the developer seems to be testing their interest in Resident Evil characters.

A recent in-game poll has been noticed by several players that seems to be asking about a bunch of characters and brands they have seen or heard of, and a bunch of Resident Evil characters, including Ethan Winters and Lady Dimitrescu from the soon to launch Resident Evil: Village are mentioned on the list.

Jill Valentine is also noted, but considering Epic's spree of recent collaborations, this does seem to suggest that the developer could be planning a new line of skins to mark the game's launch. Obviously there's no way of knowing if this is the case, or whether anything will come from it, but we would like to see Lady Dimitrescu diving headfirst of the Battle Bus - that would be pretty cool indeed.

You can check out the full list of mentioned names right here, which is really, really extensive.


Thanks, PCGamesN.

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