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Epic has announced its plans for the Fortnite Chapter 4 competitive scene

With a new Chapter comes a new competitive format.

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Now that a new chapter and new season of Fortnite has arrived, Epic Games has finally shared all of the details about what the competitive side of things will offer.

Starting with a Hype Reset, all players will need to re-earn their ranks if they intend to compete in the Cash Cups and also the Fortnite Championship Series. Before getting to this final level of play however, players will need to go through the Fortnite Divisional Cups, which will see duos competing in weekly tournaments in the hopes of reaching the Elite Cups where cash is given as a reward.

As for the format for each week of Divisional Cup play, a graphic has been released which shows the flow and the qualification process to be able to earn a slot in the highest level of competition.


Epic has stated that the weeks that will hold FNCS play (which will learn more about in January, but will give any Elite Division player the chance to compete) will not feature any Elite Cups.

Otherwise, there will be 12 weeks of competitive play this season, with a two-week break occurring between December 19 and January 2.


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