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Epic Games Store user banned for buying too many games

Epic has since confirmed that this was because of the store's fraud rules, and that players should contact support if they run into the issue.

Currently the Epic Games Store is hosting a Mega Sale on the platform reducing the prices of a number of games and offering further discounts on all purchases over £13.99 ($14.99 USD, €14.99), so it's understandable that many might be filling their baskets and purchasing a lot of games at once.

As reported by Game Revolution, however, a streamer called Patrick Boivin has run into a bit of an issue by doing this, as shared on Twitter. Boivin's account was banned from making purchases, and here's the clarification offered:

"So I can confirm that me buying a whopping 5 games (ranging from 5 bucks to 50) on the Epic Store flagged my account for possibly fraudulent."

Epic Games did confirm to Game Revolution that this was "a result of our aggressive fraud rules. If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate."

Have you been buying things in the sale?

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