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Epic Games reveals details for the 2021 Fortnite Championship Series

2021 FNCS will feature a $20 million prize pool, up from 2020's $17 million.

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Epic Games has recently revealed the details for the 2021 Fortnite Championship Series. For the duration of 2021, the FNCS will be a solely trio-based competition, and will feature a $20 million prize pool - up from 2020's $17 million. The full season itself will also be receiving various format and broadcast changes. We've noted some of the highlights below.

Competition will be a single cross-platform pool, meaning anyone can compete with anyone else. All prizes will now be distributed solely in the finals portion of tournaments. There will be four FNCS seasons within 2021, each with a $3 million prize pool distributed depending on the scale and participation of a region. Mid and end-of-year competitions will account for the remaining $8 million, and will be competed over by only the best players around the world. Broadcast coverage is to be expanded to introduce more language options as Epic looks to increase the reach of competitive Fortnite.

Alongside all of this, the various Cash Cups in the live game will be expanded on to be more frequent, and other Cash Cups have had their dates shifted around to make for more accessible competition. Console exclusive competitions are also set to be expanded on.

As the full 2021 FNCS update post is lengthy, you can read the full document here. It also includes information regarding competitive mode gameplay changes, if that's up your street.


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