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Epic Games is suing Fortnite tester for leaking chapter 2

The Fortnite tester who leaked Chapter 2 ahead of its reveal is being sued by Epic Games.

Even though Fortnite's recently released chapter 2 gained an incredible amount of interest through Epic Games' 'Black hole' in-game scenario, the second chapter of the phenomenally successful game was leaked by a Fortnite tester ahead of the reveal. The people over at Epic Games surely did not appreciate this - in fact, they despised the action so much (and understandably so), they have decided to pursue legal action, suing the tester for leaking the mysterious chapter.

The lawsuit was filed just recently and has user experience tester Ronald Sykes in its crosshairs for Tweeting out information about what he had played and what was to come for all to see. The lawsuit can be found in its entirety here (via Polygon).


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