Epic Games has created Lego Styles for over 1,200 Fortnite outfits

With more planned in the future too.

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If you had any concerns that the Lego Fortnite mode was set to be a bit of a gimmick and not a fully fleshed out project, then no doubt this latest bit of information will fill you with some confidence. Because alongside knowing that Lego Fortnite will be arriving later this week on December 7, Epic Games has published a blog post that reveals how it will be incorporating Lego Styles for its various cosmetic outfits.

We're told that so far and set to arrive at launch with the mode, 1,200 Fortnite outfits have been given the Lego treatment and that there are plans to continue Legofying more skins in the future too.

It's noted that Lego Styles will be automatically unlocked for any skin that you already own at no additional cost, and that the same applies for emotes that you can use with Lego Styles versions of outfits.

To determine whether an outfit already has a Lego Style, you can head to the outfits page when browsing the Shop or Locker, where it will also mention whether or not there are intentions to add a higher detailed Lego Style skin in the future too.


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