Epic boss calls console upgrades a "great step forward"

Tim Sweeney is excited about the possibilites Project Scorpio and PS4 Neo bring.

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Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney has chimed in with his opinion on Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo, the upcoming and more powerful versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Speaking to Gamespot, Sweeney says he's thrilled about the possibilites the improved consoles bring.

Specifically, he's excited about the fact that devs will get more powerful hardware to develop for without having to start over from scratch and discard all the lessons learned from the existing consoles.

"If we incrementally upgrade the hardware, then we can bring more performance to gamers without wiping the slate clean. That's incredibly valuable," Sweeney said. "To be able to invest the kind of money it takes to build a high-end game today requires a base of tens of millions of users. By doing these incremental updates, the industry can move forward technologically at a much faster pace without those business challenges."

Sweeney compares the console upgrades to the PC platform, giving players the best of both worlds:

"I think it's really the ideal model: bringing the best upgradability of the PC with the reliability of the console kept, so you're never going to have to deal with driver problems on a console, but you will get the newer hardware."

Epic boss calls console upgrades a "great step forward"

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