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EnVy picks up Renegades' LCS spot and three of their players

The US-based esports organisation expands to also cover League of Legends, as it picks up the troubled Renegades team.

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We somehow missed this when the story broke last week, but it's important enough that we'll still cover it. US-based esports organisation Team EnVy (also known as EnVyUs) has bought the troubled Renegades organisation's spot in the North American LCS league. EnVy is also picking up three of Renegades' former players.

Though EnVy is based in the US, the organisation is probably best known for their French Counter-Strike team, who won one of the Major championships of 2015. EnVy's roots are in Call of Duty, though, as that's the game series the org was originally built around.

EnVy takes over the LCS spot of Renegades, an organisation that was banned from the LCS by League of Legends maker Riot Games after allegations of serious misconduct. Along with Team Impulse, the owners of Renegades were barred from operating any team in professional League of Legends and forced to sell off their team.

Besides taking over Renegades' old spot in the LCS, EnVy is also signing on three of Renegades' former players. Top laner Woo-yeong "Seraph" Shin, mid laner Geon-woo "Ninja" Noh and support player Nickolas "Hakuho" Surgent are all joining the EnVy team. Former Team Impulse player Seyoung "Procxin" Kim will take up the Jungler position, while Zach "Nien" Malhas (formerly of Immortals) and Benjamin "LOD" deMunck (from the disbanded Challenger series team Ember) share the AD Carry duties.

Team EnVy's first game in the LCS will be played on Saturday, June 4, where they're facing NRG Esports.

In other news, the LCS spot held by Team Impulse has been sold to an organisation dubbed Phoenix1, of which we know practically nothing so far. There's not even a roster listed on the lolesports.com website.

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