Envy Gaming Inc. names new President and COO

Geoff Moore has an extensive background in sports.

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Envy Gaming Inc. has revealed Geoff Moore as its President and Chief Operating Officer, a figure who joins the leadership team in Dallas having been a partner at LOGE Capital Partners as well as Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Circuit of The Americas (COTA), providing extensive experience in the world of traditional sports.

"I'm fortunate to be joining Envy Gaming as esports is emerging as a powerful force in the sports and entertainment industry," said Moore. "Advancements in technology and connectivity have made competitive gaming's potential a reality. No other sport or leisure activity comes close to connecting a truly global audience numbering in the hundreds of millions. And no other sport has so few barriers to participation or enjoying world-class competitions. Helping to grow that experience in North Texas, for fans to engage with esports in the physical world and digitally, is an exciting next chapter for me."

"As we explore expanding into new esports titles such as Fortnite, adding revenue streams around our core competition and content business, and engage in local discussions and design planning for an arena to house Dallas Fuel home matches, Geoff's experience is a perfect fit to push us forward in this industry. Envy is excited to welcome Geoff back to Dallas and we look forward to esports being his next great career accomplishment," added Mike Rufail, Owner and CEO of Envy Gaming.

Do you think it's wise for esports organisations to bring people in with experience in traditional sports?

Envy Gaming Inc. names new President and COO

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