Enshrouded reveals 2024 roadmap

From Steam Deck support to potted plants, there's a lot to look forward to this year.

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Enshrouded is one of the major survival hits that has released in early access this year. Palworld, Nightingale, and more make up that list, but to get ahead of the curve, Enshrouded's developer Keen Games has unveiled what we'll see over the rest of the year.

In a post made on Steam, we see that Enshrouded will be getting a lot of new features, many of which are based on player suggestions. NPCs will be getting more fleshed out, improvements are coming to your bases and world locations, and Steam Deck support is on the way.

Check out the full list of improvements in the image below and let us know if you'll be jumping back into Enshrouded.


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