Enhance your PS5 storage with this major update

It's scheduled to be released tomorrow.

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Sony just announced that a major update for PlayStation 5 will be released tomorrow. It adds several new features, with the ability to store games on an external hard-drive being the standout one. This way, you can save time by moving games back and forth between the external HDD, which is way faster than downloading from PSN, although you still have to download games to the internal drive first and then moving it.

It pretty much works the same way as it does for Xbox Series S/X, which unfortunately, also means you cannot play PlayStation 5 games straight from the external drive as it simply isn't fast enough.

You can also adjust automatic screen grabbing/video recording of trophies so only higher level ones will have this set, more easily search your game library and mute other players (and adjust their volume individually is someone is really loud or low).

Head over this way to check out everything new ahead of the launch tomorrow.

Enhance your PS5 storage with this major update

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