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England's goalkeeper brought a PC setup to Qatar to play Fortnite at the World Cup

Jordan Pickford has been chasing Victory Royales as well as match wins.

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Footballers from all over the world have been in Qatar for a few weeks at this point as part of the ongoing FIFA World Cup tournament. While only eight teams remain in the tournament right now, with four teams going home over the next few days, a new interview on the England squad's YouTube channel has revealed that goalkeeper Jordan Pickford actually brought an entire PC setup to Qatar so that he could play Fortnite in his downtime.

During the lengthy interview, which you can find below, Pickford states when asked about his off-time, "Try and do recovery, feel good about yourself, whatever you need. Spend some time with the lads... Fortnite. Still on the Fortnite vibe."

As for why Pickford decided to cart an entire PC with him to Qatar, the goalkeeper said he has grown tired of playing games on a laptop when on the road, and therefore now brings a travel case that has a computer and monitor built into it, as he is "just trying to get the best frames and that".


Thanks, Eurogamer.

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