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Endpoint reveals partnership with Soylent

They've already partnered with the drink brand in the past, and now they're extending this into 2019 as well.

Esports team Endpoint has revealed that they've partnered with Soylent, meaning they'll use the meal drink themselves as well as providing fans with giveaways, social media campaigns, and sampling opportunities.

Peter Thompson, COO of Endpoint, said: "We've dominated the UK CS: GO scene for the last two years and felt it's time to take the team - and UK esports league - to the next level and try to become the first UK team in the global top 30. In Soylent, we've found the perfect partner as they know what it takes to win and have the product to help us do so. And it tastes great too... the team can vouch for that!"

This isn't the first partnership between the pair, as Soylent helped an Endpoint boot camp last year before the Insomnia Gaming Tournament, and now they're extending this deal further as part of this new announcement.

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Endpoint reveals partnership with Soylent
Photo: Endpoint

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