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Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2's Awakening expansion is available now

This brings the Nakalim faction in, who have awoken from a dormant state, meaning they have different objectives than most.

Amplitude Studios has revealed that the latest expansion for Endless Space 2, called Awakening, has been released, which is part of a collaboration with NGD Studios that brings the Nakalim faction into the turn-based strategy game.

Unlike most other factions, you start as a very advanced side called the Nakalim, who have awakened from a dormant state. You don't need to expand, but you need to seek out ancient relics and reclaim lost lands, all while making sure you don't decline as well.

Four new heroes are included in this expansion too, as well as the new exploration-focused fleet, the minor faction of Xirmisala, and the Academy empire, which can give you Academy roles if you help their expansion.

Awakening is available now on Steam for £10.99 (€12.99, $12.99 USD), and you can check out the trailer down below.

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