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Endgame and irreversible decisions in Frostpunk

11 bit Studios detail upcoming release and settle on a price.

11 bit Studios' Frostpunk is a game we've kept on our radar since first seeing it at last year's E3, and now the developer has issued a lengthy update on Steam detailing the end game and irreversible decisions you'll need to make (you can catch the video dev diary below).

Frostpunk is a game in which you play as the leader of a people living in a frozen world, utilising steam power to overcome the cold and power their technology.

"What makes you a good leader? Or to put it differently - what makes you an effective leader? Whether you're a democratically elected leader in some modern country, or if you rule a city in a video game about the last bits of civilization trying to survive on a frozen Earth, the rules stay the same", says Aleksander Kauch, lead gameplay programmer of Frostpunk. "You can try to be the noble one and listen to the people, no matter if they're right or wrong, or you can believe that your cold-blooded calculations will prove valid over the course of survival. Maybe instituting a Neighborhood Watch can keep the unruly streets safe at night... unless you deem it insufficient and decide to send guards to detain rioters with bats instead. From a watchful overseer to the rigorous visionary that puts the higher cause over decency - that will be your choice as a player."

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While there's currently no release date set for Frostpunk we expect it to arrive in the not so distant future, but 11 bit Studios has settled on a price point that's somewhere in between full price and indie, namely $29.99/€29.99.

Are you excited about Frostpunk and what sort of leader would you be?


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