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Valnir Rok

Encurio "had to learn a lot" with Valnir Rok

The survival MMO is Encurio's first game, and managing director Sebastian Rahmel told us more about the progress being made.

Valnir Rok is a survival MMO in a Norse setting, and we actually caught up with Encurio's managing director Sebastian Rahmel to hear about their first game and how it's going, since it's already been out in Early Access for fans to try.

"It is still in Early Access, and to be honest there were a few problems with the game - it was our first game to we had to learn a lot - but currently we're picking up the pace again and getting it done and we plan our official release shortly," he said.

If you haven't heard of Valnir Rok you can check out the interview below to hear about the setting, the concepts, gameplay, and historical accuracy, all of which Rahmel talks about in detail.

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