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Encounters expansion coming to Everspace this month

PC players get it in late October, Xbox owners will have to wait a while longer.

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Rockfish has just lifted the lid on the upcoming expansion to Everspace. Encounters adds a new ship (a medium class fighter called the Colonial Sentinel) that should change things up quite a bit from a gameplay perspective thanks to its extended shield capacity, and there'll be new NPC questlines built into the story set around the Okkar homeworld.

Expect new consumables and weapons too, and the ability to repair and upgrade your ship at new factory space stations encountered mid-mission, as the studio looks to freshen up the roguelite shooter following its full release on PC and Xbox One earlier this year.

The Encounters expansion will land on PC in late October, and will follow on Xbox One in February, 2018. Now, before you go, here's some new gameplay:


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