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Encanto sequel possible suggests co-director

"It was always our dream".

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Encanto has really taken the world by storm ever since its release back in November last year. The movie has achieved a couple of Oscar nominations, and even made a run in the music charts thanks to the success of the We Don't Talk About Bruno song. Needless to say, fans have taken quite a shine to the Walt Disney Animation Studios animation, so much so that several have been wondering if a sequel is in the works or was ever planned.

Replying to the question on Twitter, Encanto co-director Jared Bush stated:

"I'm asked a LOT if there'll be more #Encanto - movies, TV, Theater, etc - I'll say this, it was always our dream, but the real deciders are the fans who found themselves in this story, who saw their family in ours, who chose to spend time with the Madrigals... and want to again."

The tweet doesn't confirm any sequel, but it does leave the door open for more adventures with the fantastical Madrigal family.

Would you like to see the world of Encanto further explored?

Encanto sequel possible suggests co-director

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