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Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin announced for Nintendo Switch

The new, gangster-filled title from one of the creators of Doom made its debut at Nintendo's E3 Direct.

  • Ben KerryBen Kerry

Romero Games, along with help of publisher Paradox Interactive, are bringing Empire of Sin to Nintendo Switch. As a bit of a contrast to the beginning of the showcase, this title has some mafia vibes, showing off some top-down shooting in a rain-soaked city street.

We're not sure on the structure of the game, as the end of the trailer zoomed out to what looked like a management simulation style screen, including purchasable buildings and houses. Whether this is only a top-down shooter or something more, the visuals and style certainly looked interesting, with the game being set in 1920's Chicago.

The game is due to launch in Spring 2020 for Nintendo Switch, and we'll find out more about it latest this week.

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