Emma Stone and Jesse Plemons will team up with Yorgos Lanthimos for yet another film

Bugonia will be shooting this July.

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There are a few director-actor combinations that we've come to expect. Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, Wes Anderson and Bill Murray, the list is small but does go on. It's perhaps time to add Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone to this list.

Collider notes that Lanthimos and Stone will be teaming up yet again (after The Favourite, Poor Things, and the coming Kinds of Kindness) for another outing this time known as Bugonia. There's no word just yet on what this film will be about, and with it being a Lanthimos film we should probably wait for an official synopsis or trailer before speculating, but we do know that another more recent Lanthimos veteran will be a part of the cast too.

Jesse Plemons has also been tapped for this coming project, and like Stone's role in the movie, it's unclear what character either star will be portraying. Hopefully we'll have more information to go by on Bugonia soon though, as it has been revealed that the movie will shoot this July, no doubt with a 2025 release in mind.

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