Embracer boss wants to raise game prices even more

Lars Wingefors thinks that larger and longer games should feature larger price tags.

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Lars Wingefors is not the most popular individual in the gaming industry right now. After all, he is the person who has been ultimately responsible for the closure of several studios that are part of the Embracer family in recent months, as well as the dismissal of thousands of workers.

A necessary evil, it is claimed, in the difficult economic climate following the pandemic. But Wingefors is fighting on and looking for margins on all fronts, and now he has also mentioned that it would have been favourable to raise game prices even more, all during an interview with GamesIndustry.biz.

"If you create an enormous role-playing game, for example, with 100 or 150 hours of gameplay, very polished, and a unique experience, would the consumer be willing to pay more? If they would, they would have more products potentially coming to market. But no one tried it.

"It's something we have been discussing."

Wingefors also went on to compare the gambling industry to other industries and said:

"I think the industry is facing the same problem as all other industries, with inflation and rising costs of game development. And it's been hard to increase pricing in premium PC/console. The pricing of those products has been the same for many years, which means that the margin to succeed is less, and on top of that, there is a higher cost of capital."

Wingefors also mentioned that although Embracer may not necessarily be the first publisher to raise prices even more, they are keeping a close eye on the other players and what they are doing.

Where do you draw the line, do you think it is reasonable that games should cost even more?

Embracer boss wants to raise game prices even more

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