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Life is Strange: True Colors

Leaving the episodic structure behind allowed Deck Nine to "be a little more thorough" when it came to creating Life is Strange: True Colors

We caught up with senior narrative designer Mallory Littleton to talk all things LiS.

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Despite Life is Strange: True Colors only coming out recently, Deck Nine is already looking to continue this adventure experience with the DLC Wavelengths. This add-on takes place before the events of the main game and follows Life is Strange: Before the Storm alumni Steph Gingrich as she mans the town's radio station and lives her life.

To get an idea about what this DLC will include and where it will take us, we recently caught up with the game's senior narrative designer, Mallory Littleton, where as part of an interview, we asked whether leaving the Life is Strange series signature episodic structure behind had an impact on the way Deck Nine created True Colors.

"It definitely did," said Littleton. But not so much the content that came out of it, more so the way we went about writing it, because even though we knew it was going to be released all as one package, we still obviously wanted to have it divided into chapters, and we still wanted each of those chapters to have their own unique arcs and tell stories about particular things as well as move the overall plot forward, and we wanted to end some of them on cliffhangers and leave people on the edge of their seats so they pick up the next episode. A lot of those things were really similar."

"When it's all released together, we do get a little bit more time to make sure the story feels really cohesive and that things are set up properly and things we did set up get paid off, and so we just get to be a little more thorough about crafting the entire experience when we get to release the whole game at once like that. It was really interesting."

You can take a look at the full interview below, where we also chat with Katy Bentz, the voice of Steph Gingrich, about her experience of bringing the character to life.

Life is Strange: True Colors

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