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Elysian Caches removed from Anthem today

Patch 1.1.1 won't have any downtime, but you'll need to use those keys quick before it arrives later this evening.

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Anthem fans should expect an update today, as at 10:00 CST (16:00 BST, 17:00 CEST) the 1.1.1 patch will be rolling out, although this won't involve downtime. That said, you will need to close the game to download it, as revealed via the patch notes on Reddit.

Here we also find out that Elysian Caches are getting removed from the game today, so you only have a few hours left to use the keys. "They've always been planned as a temporary thing since there was a timer under the challenges. There is a chance that they'll come back again at some point," community manager Jesse Anderson explains.

For the full patch notes, check down below. Will you miss the caches?

  • Fixed an error where Weapon and Components stat values were not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a problem where suit power level (rarity) was not correctly being calculated based on equipped items.

  • Fixed an issue with Spanish audio in a conversation in the Sunken Cell stronghold.

  • Fixed an issue with French audio in a conversation in the Sunken Cell stronghold.

  • Fixed an issue causing a slight delay in Salvaging at End of Expedition

  • Partially defeated encounters will no longer re-dispense loot from previously defeated creatures.

  • [PC ONLY] - Right clicking an item to salvage it at the end of expedition screen now requires the mouse button to be held.


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