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Death Stranding 2

Elle Fanning says Death Stranding 2 is the coolest thing she's ever done

Kojima also allowed her acting abilities to be challenged in a refreshing way.

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Elle Fanning has spoken highly of her work on Death Stranding 2, praising not only Hideo Kojima but the refreshing challenge of working on a video game.

Fanning, who is not a gamer by her own account, said that she had worked with motion capture tech before, but Death Stranding 2 proved to be a new challenge, especially with Kojima who would ask her to cry on cue at times.

The actress also stated in her interview with Happy Sad Confused that she was looking forward to playing the game once it's out, but was initially surprised by the hype and speculation around the project.

Are you joining Elle Fanning in being hyped for Death Stranding 2?

Death Stranding 2

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