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Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to bring on-foot action next year

Frontier has shared new a cinematic trailer to get you in the mood to ditch your ship and head out on foot in early 2021.

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Elite: Dangerous has been entertaining its dedicated community since late 2014 (it's even longer than that if you include the time the game was in early access), and the imminent launch of Fleet Carriers is a testament to developer Frontier's support for the MMO.

This latest content update adds huge fleet carrier ships that change the dynamic of space combat in a number of ways, but today the studio announced an expansion that will have an even bigger impact on the way we play the game.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is set to land in early 2021 and, for the first time, Elite players will be able to step out of the cockpits of their ships and explore the galaxy on foot. There's a cinematic teaser trailer below that shows as much, although from watching it we don't get a clear indication of whether we'll be exploring in the first- or third-person (or given the option of both).

According to the announcement, we'll be visiting new social hub areas where we can make friends and grab upgraded gear for missions. Speaking of which, we'll be "coordinating with teammates" and given "a wide variety of missions, ranging from diplomacy and commerce to lethal stealth and all-out combat."

Finally, the press release mentions "diverse settings, objectives, and NPCs" that "will offer endless mission variety and a near infinite amount of content to enjoy."

With Odyssey set to arrive in Elite Dangerous in early 2021, expect to see more of this ambitious-sounding expansion in the coming months.


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