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Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous' most ambitious expansion will be dropping next year

Before that however, fans can look forward to Elite Dangerous: Horizons, releasing late October.

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Frontier has announced plans for their most ambitious expansion coming to Elite Dangerous to date, in Odyssey. The expansion, which was detailed in a developer diary is set to be the culmination of all of 2020's biggest and most exciting additions to the live game.

You can check out the full developer diary exploring Elite Dangerous: Odyssey here.

To keep fans entertained, the next expansion for Frontier's long-time space epic, Elite Dangerous has been announced to be called Horizons.

Set as part of a free content update, the season of Horizons will be free for all players, and will be folded into the main game. The expansion will become accessible through an update dropping on October 27 and will be playable right afterwards, bringing planetary landings, weapon crafting, ship-launched fighters and multi-crew co-op experiences.

Premium expansion owners will also be able to explore the surface with the SRV Scarab Ground Vehicle, with extra access to plenty of surface star ports and other locations. Premium players will also have access to Azure paint jobs for all 41 ships currently in the game.

Elite Dangerous
Elite DangerousElite Dangerous

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