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Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous' Gamescom trailer shows Fleet Carriers

These are coming in December, although the September update is focused on getting newcomers on board.

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Frontier Developments is getting involved with the very busy Gamescom week by revealing new details about the Fleet Carriers coming to Elite: Dangerous in the December Update, and there's a whole trailer dedicated to revealing these colossal vessels.

As for the capacity, once purchased (one Fleet Carrier per commander) they can hold eight large landing pads, four medium, and four small, and you can even customise permissions to allow others to dock there. Bear in mind though that you'll still need to rearm, refuel, and repair these Carriers, which a unique resource needed to fuel it.


The September Update, however, will focus on improving the starter experience for newbies, adding a fully-voiced in-ship tutorial for those hopping in the cockpit, covering flight, scanning, combat, and more.

This update rebrands Frontier Points as Arx too, which you can buy to invest in paint jobs, bobbleheads, ship kits, and other features. You can earn them via in-game activities as well, and we can expect all of this on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 17.

Will you be getting your very own Fleet Carrier?

Elite Dangerous

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