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Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: Fleet Carriers final version dated

With Beta 2 now closed, Frontier Developments is ready to deploy the new content update in a couple of weeks.

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For some months now, seasoned Elite: Dangerous players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Fleet Carriers, the latest content update set to hit the acclaimed space simulation by Frontier Developments. The new content had its new features tested via two beta stages (one in April and the last one that finished just yesterday) and it's finally ready to go. Now, Gamereactor has learned that the full Fleet Carriers expansion will land on June 9, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

With Fleet Carriers, wealthy Elite Commanders get to purchase and manage one of these massive carriers to then host up to 16 player-ships on their multiple landing pads. The carriers act like moving bases within the open-space adventure and offer a range of new features in terms of customisation, trade, and mission approaches, the latter including increased travel distance and repair services.

Stay tuned to Gamereactor and our Game On sub-page for an exclusive look at Elite: Dangerous - Fleet Carriers and for other exciting developments.

Elite Dangerous

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